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What's New at Monsoon Media

Read all about it! Here you can catch up on the latest and greatest goodies like the announcement of new products and services, enhanced web site features, emergency notices or promotional events.

This web site is currently FOR SALE! Send all inquiries using our Contact/Feedback page.

Monsoon Media joins the CSOTW ranks at Pair Networks
Let it be known to one and all! We were chosen as a Pair "CSOTW" (Customer Site of the Week) in 2006. Presently, we're listed as one of the "Previously Selected Sites" on this Pair page:
A big "thank you" goes out to Megan Gordon at Pair Networks for graciously honoring all of us here at Monsoon Media in this way.

Hyperlinks and free downloads!
What's a cool web site like Monsoon Media doing without links and file downloads? We don't know, so we've decided to add some on a new page in the Services area called Media Links & Downloadables.

Classified Media Advertising
Finally, there’s a place you can go to submit your classified media ads without wasting time with auction registration, personal “ratings” or lengthy bidding processes.
Media buffs who want to "cut the red tape" and get back to the grass roots of exchanging media, will appreciate our easy-to-use ad submission and display areas. We even kicked it up a notch by offering FREE classified media ads. You heard right, submit your media ads - for FREE! Additional benefits of submitting your media ads include:

1. Cost efficient ad rates year around (applies to pre-paid ads only).
2. One link and up to 3 photos are included with each ad you submit.
3. Generate cash by selling media items to others.
4. Promote yourself and your media services.
5. Locate media items you're looking for.
6. Find or offer employment in the media industry.
7. Announce an upcoming media show or event.

So come on, stop jumping through auction-based site hoops and submit your FREE classified ads by cruising over to our Services area right now!

MM Forums
Let the benefits continue by subscribing to the Monsoon Media Forums. Chocked full of subjects, these discussion areas are the foundation for maintaining the flow of valuable media specific information. Go ahead, type out your creative thoughts and ideas. Meet fellow professionals. Solve a problem or simply lurk around just for fun. Newcomers can join our community by using the "Register" link seen near the top of the Monsoon Media Forums page. THIS JUST IN: Monsoon Media is now recruiting forum sponsors. Interested? Find out more by going to the Forum Sponsoring T&C page.
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