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Frequently Asked Questions

It's the FAQ page! Be sure to peruse this fine page of our web site to fill your brain up with some of the more "seasonal" answers to your questions. What? The question you had in mind is no where to be found? Not a problem. Simply click on the "Question Suggestion" link below and begin typing out your question like there's no tomorrow.

Question Suggestion

Q1: Rumor has it that the Monsoon Media website, business and all the MM domain names are for sale. Is this true?
A: You heard right. Monsoon Media is up FOR SALE! Use our Contact/Feedback page for all inquiries.

Q2: Your web site is fabulous! Who's behind it all?
A: Why, thank you. Our very own president is honored to bring you this company site and all it's practical, not to mention, easy-to-use features.

Q3: How did this company come into being?
A: In a nut shell, Monsoon Media began with a simple idea - offer folks good value through useful media products & services. This idea would be enthusiastically placed into motion with the creation of a detailed site/business plan, patiently nurtured over time. Next, we added a pinch of financing and a hand full of innovative individuals. Coordination, design, programming, testing and launching of this award-winning company web site would follow. This coupled with the will to succeed and presto; you have the redefined Monsoon Media Company and company web site you see here today! Truly a vision come true.

Q4: As an Internet user, connection security is a big concern of mine. Does Monsoon Media use SSL? Likewise, when submitting information through the Monsoon Media web site, where does it end up?
A: Yes, we subscribe to and employ SSL (Secure Socket Layer) web server technology. As you know, SSL works behind-the-scenes to encrypt the on-line connection between the end user Connection Secured with SSL and our web site located on the server. All Monsoon Media web site pages, marked with the padlock symbol (seen to the left), have been secured using this protocol. Any information submitted electronically via the Monsoon Media web site travels directly to Monsoon Media headquarters. There, our trusted office personnel download and confine that information to off-line files which are under lock and key. Rest assured, you can't go wrong with these safeguards in place.

Q5: Do you share my personal information with other businesses outside of Monsoon Media?
A: Our company policy is not to share any personal information with any 3rd party entities outside of Monsoon Media (exceptions apply). We do, from time to time, correspond directly with our customers and forum users to inform them of site features, promotional events and product & service availability. Take a look at our Privacy Notice page for further information detailing these and other policies.

Q6: I have a problem with a product that I purchased from Monsoon Media. Where do I go for product support?
A: Individuals who have general questions or are having basic problems regarding any product sold from this web site, should send their inquiries directly to the Monsoon Media headquarters by e-mailing us at In most cases, we should be able to rectify any problem that may arise.

Q7: Why can't I access all of the Monsoon Media web site pages?
A: Not all areas of the Monsoon Media site are operational. Monsoon Media will announce accessibility once the remaining pages have been officially completed. As we always say, "Quality Before Quantity!".

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